Ania Szczerbak: “I love solving problems for ITDS’ clients“

Ania Szczerbak: “I love solving problems for ITDS’ clients“

17 October 2018

Ania Szczerbak: “I love solving problems for ITDS’ clients“

“I really appreciate that I can learn so much every day; it’s one of the biggest benefits of working at ITDS. We believe that working together as a real team can boost effectiveness and exceed the most challenging of our clients’ needs,” says Ania Szczerbak, who is in charge of business relationship and development in ITDS’ sales department.

Ania takes care of ITDS’ clients, mainly banks, insurers and financial-services providers worldwide. Moreover, she also manages a team of consultants assigned to projects being carried out for her clients. Ania graduated in Media and International Communication at the University of Nottingham and International Business at Imperial College in London, both of which have given her far-reaching insights into the global economic and business climates that are essential for her work.

Solving problems for ITDS’ clients

Her daily routine at ITDS is to identify sales leads, pitch the services to prospects and maintain long-term relationships with clients. She also evaluates her clients’ current business performance and what they need to reach their full potential. While meeting with ITDS’ clients, Ania listens to them very carefully. “Small details can be a key factor for success and this sector you have to be a good listener to be successful. But that’s not all, of course. You also have to be a step ahead of your competitors and exploit any and all business opportunities that present themselves. You have to meet with partners, talk to them and spend a lot of time together, so that you can understand and try to solve their problems. It’s the only way, if you want to be the best business manager. I love solving problems for ITDS’ clients.”

Great atmosphere and personal development opportunities

Working for ITDS gives Ania a holistic view of how the financial sector works and how IT influences its day-to-day functioning, which she only appreciated from an end-user perspective before. Her role as business manager at ITDS is immensely satisfying for her because of the  challenges she faces and the space she is given to develop herself. She joined ITDS with a strong business background but no experience in the financial sector. “During the job interview at ITDS’ Warsaw office, I told them that I am a well-educated, intelligent person who is keen to learn and not afraid of hard work. I was certain that my personal and professional skills would be a great fit with ITDS’ entrepreneurial spirit.” What she sees as the great atmosphere at work has made her commit herself to excellence and given her a sense of cooperation and empowerment. “Furthermore, because I am given the space to act and the support from the management, it’s really possible for me to develop myself.”

Team building is key to success

Ania goes on to explain that she  loves challenges and there is no situation that she’s afraid of. “If you need business support, in terms of solution and strategy delivery, as well as implementation, you’ve come to the right place.” She currently works closely with Charles-Alexandre Gamba – ITDS Partner, Thibault Querrel – ITDS Associate and Anna Stanek – Senior Business Consultant. “Our ITDS sales team works with passion and has ambition. We believe that working together as a real team can boost effectiveness and exceed the most challenging of client needs.” She also manages her own consulting unit, serving not only as a business manager but an entrepreneur too. She’s convinced that her team-building skills help her succeed in her day-to-day activities.

Happy, at work and play

When Ania is not working she likes to spend time with her dog and plan exciting trips with her friends and family. “I love travelling around the world, good food, red wine and, of course, my dog, Angelo. Ever since I was a child my parents taught me how amazing and interesting it can be to visit new countries. I still use every opportunity I can to discover new places, learn about the people, their cultures and try their local cuisine. For me, the perfect trip is to be accompanied by my chocolate Labrador, Angelo, with plenty of fun and relaxation thrown in.”

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