Bartosz Leszczyński: “With ITDS it’s the extras that make all the difference”

Bartosz Leszczyński: “With ITDS it’s the extras that make all the difference”

03 October 2018

Bartosz Leszczyński: “With ITDS it’s the extras that make all the difference”

“As an ITDS consultant you can count on getting what you need, you know that you can ask for support, and if you want to talk about the issues that you face you know you will be listened to.” So says business analyst Bartosz Leszczyński, who seized the opportunity of doing an assignment in Paris.

Bartosz graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems, with a specialisation in IT Project Management. He now works as a business analyst with ITDS. When he joined the company it was to take part in a project related to a two-bank merger. It was a demanding assignment that called for quick results but allowed little time for onboarding. “I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning, but I soon realised that there was no need to be. The project was the ideal opportunity to learn a lot, meet interesting people and get a hands-on taste of working in an international environment,” he assures.

Broadening my horizons

Bartosz never thought he’d be able to work outside his native Poland but when the opportunity arose he jumped at the chance of relocating to Paris to implement a best-of-breed solution for an international bank in France. “I was very flattered when Charles-Alexandre Gamba asked me if I’d be prepared to take on a new assignment which involved a move to Paris, France. Naturally I accepted. I was very excited and prepared to work hard in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! ITDS stimulated me to learn new things and technologies while strengthening my current abilities at the same time. This mix underscored my continued development, opening up new possibilities to work in Poland and abroad.”

Making all the difference

While many people may think that there is no difference between working as a business consultant with ITDS as opposed to other companies, Bartosz insists that, although the solution delivery and IT implementation are usually similar, it’s the extras that make all the difference. “At the end of the day, huge advantages of working for ITDS are the possibility of quick promotion, continuous career development and the flexibility you enjoy in your day-to-day activities. Working on many international projects with a focus on developing your personal skills can make you a real expert. I genuinely believe that specialisation is the best way to improve your career and make you an added-value professional. That’s the main reason that I chose ITDS and I’m still very happy with my choice.” ITDS wants people who are ambitious, energetic, self-driven and hard-working, consultants who appreciate being part of a team.

Staying connected

Many of Bartosz’s friends also work at ITDS and, understandably, he feared that leaving Warsaw might change what he saw as the kind of perfect situation one could only dream about achieving. “But I needn’t have worried; we stay connected through our social media platform!”

The art of business analysis

Bartosz Leszczyński is also a keen chess player. He loves playing chess in his spare time but he also recognises the similarities with his work.  “You have to be patient, think logically and manage the resources you have at exactly the right moment. As every business analyst will tell you, without those skills you will only ever be a craftsman, not an artist!”

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