Katarzyna Lewko: “A top consultancy firm, with the best people”

Katarzyna Lewko: “A top consultancy firm, with the best people”

18 April 2019

Katarzyna Lewko: “A top consultancy firm, with the best people”

“We’re looking for personalities not “just” IT consultants. The most important thing for us is having the ability to deliver high-quality services to our clients . We want to offer the best-possible services to both our clients and our consultants.” The words are those of Katarzyna Lewko , ITDS partner with responsibility for recruitment and HR.

Katarzyna is usually the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave. And if you’re wondering how it’s possible for her to keep working so hard, Katarzyna is only too happy to elaborate. “You have to be convinced that you are creating something special and significant. It’s like being an innovator. If your job is your main passion in life, besides your family of course, then you are not really working at all.” ITDS’ goal is to work with professionals, but more than that, they have to be  personalities too.”


Katarzyna studied psychology at SWPS in Warsaw. She started her recruitment adventure by doing an internship programme in Agora SA, in the HR department. Later, she gained additional experience working for Newsweek, GSK and Margo Consulting, where she recruited talent for the financial sector. She has always enjoyed working with people and is keen to take on challenges from different fields, always with the objective of delivering the highest-possible quality. In 2016 she became a partner at ITDS in Poland, where she now heads the HR department. “It was a real challenge to create something from very little. ITDS Partner Charles-Alexandre Gamba and I have been developing the business in Poland, with the crucial  support of ITDS Partner Esther Lens, of course. We are very enthusiastic and we work hard, and when we see that all our enthusiasm and hard work are paying off it’s very satisfying. ITDS was founded almost 20 years ago in the Netherlands, so developing the business in Poland is a big responsibility, as well as a great opportunity.”

Unlimited career opportunities

In her capacity of heading ITDS’ HR department in Warsaw, Katarzyna has frequently demonstrated that working as an ITDS business consultant can take your career to new heights. “We are looking for positive, energetic, friendly and ambitious people to join the ITDS business consultants team. We focus on creating partnerships with our clients, big corporations, and making sure that they trust us and know that they can rely on us. The positions we offer present new challenges every day, offer flexible working hours, long-term opportunities, fantastic colleagues and an incredible working environment. We hire and train professionals from both the IT and business worlds, including developers, project managers, business analysts and many, many more. It’s no coincidence that our ambition is to be recognised in the market as a top consultancy firm with the best people. Working for ITDS offers a lot of growth possibilities because we are a fast-growing company with very ambitious people onboard.”

Unique community

“You can easily check out how professional and engaged we are at ITDS. Just call us and make an appointment. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed,” concludes Katarzyna. And despite the rapid pace of ITDS’ current growth, both Charles-Alexandre Gamba and Katarzyna Lewko are convinced that the company will remain a unique community in which to work and prosper.”

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