Riadh Chaabouni: “Joie de vivre – being an intrapreneur is my destiny”

Riadh Chaabouni: “Joie de vivre – being an intrapreneur is my destiny”

08 February 2019

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ITDS director Riadh Chaabouni says that the most important part of building a company is the feeling that you can work with the right people. The atmosphere is significant, because you spend more than 80 per cent of your life at work.” Becoming a director at ITDS has made Riadh feel like an entrepreneur again. “I like creating something new from the very beginning. It gives you a lot of satisfaction and so more fun.”

At ITDS Riadh Chaabouni is in charge of Cassiopae integration and the relevant business development unit. After being a partner in Cassiopae in his native Tunisia, it would be fair to say that Riadh knows Cassiopae inside out. He was COO at Cassiopae, later becoming general director with a focus on the African and European markets. “I love those first moments when a company is growing and you are a part of that growth. There is nothing better than having first-hand experience of the changes and progress a new company goes through. I guess it’s a little like becoming a father – a bit scary, but amazing.”

Riadh’s role

After cooperating with ITDS for many years, Riadh decided to join the company and become an official partner at the beginning of 2018. “I’ve known Charles-Alexandre Gamba for several years. My previous manager met him on a plane and was so taken by him he introduced me to him so that he could support me in one of my projects. Ever since then I’ve believed in destiny!” At ITDS Riadh is responsible for new business development, partner relationships and managing a unit of more than 20 people. “I believe we should hire personalities and then train them to become the best they can be, so that our clients ultimately benefit.” Riadh is also an expert, with advanced project-management skills and an excellent coach too. His daily routine comprises training a growing team of ITDS consultants, sharing his knowledge of Cassiopae and delivering projects for ITDS’ international clients. “Working with the ITDS teams makes me happy. It’s impossible to put a price on the value that’s to be found in the energy, youth and enthusiasm of the ITDS teams.”

The world is your oyster at ITDS

Working at ITDS gives consultants plenty of opportunities to travel the world and visit new countries. “You can encounter ITDS consultants in the US, Asia and throughout Europe. And while working abroad they can learn a lot, improve their language skills and acquire invaluable job experience.” Smart solutions can therefore be implemented by ITDS all over the world and Riadh Chaabouni has the necessary expertise in software integration and the project management skills to deliver strategic solutions to the problems that ITDS’ clients face in the financial sector.

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