Are you an IT professional looking to relocate to Portugal? Take the next step in your career with ITDS!

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Are you an IT professional looking to relocate to Portugal? Take the next step in your career with ITDS!

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Work and live in charming Portugal, which offers endless career growth opportunities. Relocation? It’s on us!

IT is one of these sectors that gives you numerous possibilities and much flexibility when it comes to your place of residence. Not only do you have the option to work remotely, but ‘coding’ also seems to be the next universal language in the world, so the adaptation in a new country is smoother.

Join the vibrant IT community in Portugal!

They say that all roads lead to Rome but what if we told you that they actually lead to Portugal? Each year more and more incomers make this beautiful Southern European country their new home, chasing their dreams of a great career and work-life balance. The community of Poles who have decided to exchange their homeland for this much sunnier alternative currently estimates over three thousand people.

Among those IT specialists, who chose Portugal as their new place to be, is Carlos Abrantes – a Data Engineer who last year found a new job opportunity with ITDS and relocated to Lisbon from Brazil with our help.

Check out how he recalls that step in his career and the support that he received from ITDS:

Why is it worth to consider relocation and how can ITDS support you?

As Carlos mentioned: – Relocating to a new country comes with challenges that can be a little scary but also rewarding.

First of all, Portugal is a home to many booming industries, including information technology. Some even call it the tech-tiger of Europe! There’s plenty of fast-growing companies there looking for IT experts. This can be a chance to develop your skills and get yourself noticed in an international environment.

If you feel like seeking for a new job opportunity in a new country indeed sounds encouraging, but at the same time you’re afraid of struggling with the paperwork, don’t worry. We help our consultants in going through the whole legal process and in obtaining the Social Security Number and the Tax ID Number. As both countries are members of the European Union, it’s much easier to comply with formalities. But in case you’re not a EU citizen, we’ll also help you with the visa application.

And last but not least, Portugal is an absolutely beautiful country with great cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, relatively low costs of living and fantastic weather!

How to start a successful relocation process? 

If you like the idea of working in such a constantly developing market, while enjoying the Portuguese lifestyle, contact us at or fill in the short online form and we’ll get in touch with you soon to provide you with more details! Also, make sure to regularly check out our current IT roles in Portugal.