Charles Gamba in an interview for SME Banking Club

22 11

Charles Gamba in an interview for SME Banking Club

group-767-2 Author: ITDS

Charles Gamba, the CEO and founder of ITDS Poland, has recently given an interview to SME Banking Club – an international platform dedicated to the exchange of experiences, knowledge and inspiration for SME clients.

In his conversation with Olena Gryniuk, Charles explained why Outsourcing of IT Engineers has become so popular over the last few years and what benefits it entails. Charles also talked about the challenges the IT market in Poland and in the entire CEE region is facing at the moment and how IT Engineers Outsourcing may address them.

Moreover, Charles spoke about choosing the best outsourcing partner, as well as about the journey that led him to establish ITDS. He outlined the company’s successes over the last 6 years and its development plans for the future.

You can find the entire interview in English by clicking here:

You can also find it in Polish on the Magazyn Rekruter’s website:

The interview is really well worth a read!