Further promotions in ITDS!

31 01

Further promotions in ITDS!

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We are excited to announce that several other members of the ITDS team have been recently promoted:

Joanna Mozyrko

Joanna joined ITDS in July 2022, beginning her journey with our company as a Marketing Manager. Her main aim was to build the Marketing Department from the ground up, as well as to develop and implement marketing strategies for both the Polish and the Portuguese ITDS offices; to comprehensively execute marketing campaigns; to promote the company in Poland and abroad; to support the company’s development and enhance the ITDS positive brand’s image; to support the Sales, Recruitment and HR Departments; to manage the cooperation with external Marketing Agencies; to carry out all activities relating to external and internal communication and oversee their effectiveness; as well as to manage the marketing budget. 

Currently, as a Senior Marketing Manager, Joanna is responsible for the further development of the Marketing Department, the implementation of the marketing strategy and carrying out complex marketing activities for ITDS offices in Poland and Portugal.

Patrycja Skotnicka

Patrycja joined ITDS in November 2021 as an Associate Finance Analyst. Her duties have evolved around settling and controlling project and business costs; controlling and reporting of the Accounts Payable and being responsible for the flow of the documents related to these accounts; she has also supported the annual audits on the part of the AP and participated in the onboarding of new employees.

Patrycja has a scientific and an analytical mind. She is characterized by her extraordinary ability of finding solutions to the most complicated problems, as well as the timely and high-quality execution of the duties she is entrusted with.

At her new position acting as the Cost Analyst, Patrycja will assist in the implementation of EPR solutions and in the introduction of possible changes to the existing processes on the part of Accounts Payable; she will take responsibility for the monthly and YTD cost analyses, for providing support in the annual budgeting and forecasting of costs and the KPI reporting.

Anna Latkowska

Anna joined ITDS in December 2021, beginning at a newly-created position of Revenue Controller. To date, she has been responsible, among others, for the supervision over projects and controlling of billable hours reporting; providing the correct flow of accounting and sales documents, as well as an active support in the processes of internal and external audits and the inter-department cooperation (supporting Sales and HR Departments).

Anna’s distinguished by an exceptional attention to details, patience and great commitment to performing her tasks professionally, as well as highly-developed interpersonal skills and the unique ability to create friendly relationships with other employees.

In January 2023, Anna was promoted to the position of the Lead Revenue and Controlling Specialist. Her additional tasks will include, among others: overseeing and developing the Revenue Controlling sub-division (as part of the existing and new processes) together with the subordinate employees, and ensuring compliance with the internal processes and external regulations; active participation in the budgeting and forecasting process as well as the cooperation with the ITDS Portuguese branch in the area of Revenue Controlling.

Joanna, Patrycja, Anna – congratulations on your well-deserved promotions! We value and appreciate your great commitment to ensuring successful execution of your everyday duties and wish you many further professional achievements ?