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group-767 Author: ITDS

We have set the bar high for 2022! For the second year in a row, we keep building momentum, the editors of the Financial Times placed us on the list of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe!

Our strategy this year is still focused on growth, new talent acquisition, client portfolio development & consolidation as well as always looking at the further professionalization of processes of our organization. Goals we want to achieve this year will be based on several initiatives. Some external, which will be very visible on the outside, but also, internal which make the professional life of our colleagues much better!

ITDS development strategy is based on 3 main pillars. Each of them relates to a different area of our activity, but each is equally important in achieving our strategic goals.


Growth Opportunities and Optimism

We plan to continue the growth of our footprint in Poland. In order to meet our customers’ expectations, we plan to hire 300 new engineers. ITDS is involved in more than 100 different IT projects spread across 25 key & renowned clients this year. While we will be focused on recruiting new talents, we will not forget about ensuring that our culture is shored up to retain the top talents we already have amongst us. Therefore, all the new vacancies will be available for our inhouse engineers. If you want to talk about changing projects, participating in a new initiative – let’s talk about it!. #Contact_us

Servicing a growing portfolio of strategic clients that has doubled in size and continues to grow also means enlarging our back-office team. Our Clients are smart, tech savvy and results oriented. To meet their needs we must ensure excellent care & customer centric approach. In order to do so, we plan to strengthen the Recruitment, Biz Dev, HR and Finance Departments, by recruiting 15-20 new talents in 2022.

Our ambition this year is to look for ways to expand to new markets and industries. As a leader in the Finance & Tech sector in Poland, we plan to continue strengthening our position in this market and continue developing ties with eCommerce businesses. Moreover, in 2022 we expect to get our first assignments in the Telecom and HealthCare sectors! We have the capacity and we are ready to increase our reach by starting cooperation with companies in the new industries. We also plan to develop new relationships with best of breed software vendors to integrate their solutions for different clients in Europe and across the world.

2022 is also the year for our international expansion. We kicked off our business in Portugal by opening an office in Lisbon. While growth is always a result of hard work and patience, we have already reached our milestones and catapulted ITDS Portugal to a huge success! We recruited 10 employees in less than 3 months and have started the cooperation with x2 new strategic customers. We are planning to provide a superior customer experience to our Clients that will help us boost our presence in this market. We will focus on developing new relations with local & international players and opening at least 50 vacancies across Portugal (Lisbon & Porto). These vacancies will also be available to our Polish & International colleagues if they wish to relocate to the seaside.


Our goal is to strengthen the recognition of ITDS as a Tech Brand. We want to focus on fostering trust and creating positive associations with our brand. ITDS stands out from many IT companies on the market, which is incredibly important for our business success and overall marketing goals. We decided to communicate in a simple and straight manner – no mirrors & screens. All marketing activities represent the idea of SHORTCUT, which is a symbolic reference to our mission. We are sincere, we listen, give feedback, constantly improve ourselves and the world around us; we build solutions and technologies that carry our customers into the future. Making ITDS your shortcut to the future.

In the spirit of “Shortcut”, we are currently building a new website. We have also launched our own social media channels and started active communication with journalists. We will also expand our activity in organizations in the IT industry and will be working on SE as well as the overall presentation of our company in digital media.

We are also launching the first edition of our newsletter. We want to spread the word about ITDS and share what’s happening in our world! We will also connect with our customers by sending separate content directed to their needs. We want everyone to know our ambitions, plans and goals. There is a lot to achieve and celebrate together!


At ITDS we recognize that a company’s greatest asset is people and therefore, we want to implement several solutions that will help us be an organization where everyone feels good and has real support.

With the help of a professional moderation company, we kicked off a new initiative – Peer Groups. These are regular meetings where you can get to know each other, create a nurturing environment, strengthen relationships and solve problems in cooperation with others. The project is now in a pilot stage, but we will soon implement it intensively across the firm.

We have also launched a special Ambassador Program. ITDS will be appointing Ambassadors, who will be supporting the onboarding of new team members, initiating and co-organizing integration meetings, and spreading the news about upcoming activities in ITDS.

We will continue to further develop all initiatives aimed at making you feel good and happy to work with us. We will encourage you to form new internal Clubs to integrate and share your interests with our colleagues. In 2022, our first Club was already created – the Ski & Mountain Club (Shortcut to the Summit). The club is self organized by a group of mountain enthusiasts responsible for organizing winter and summer excursions in the Polish & European mountains.

This year we will also introduce a new career planning system. We want to make sure that the growth of the organization goes hand in hand with the growth of each ITDS colleague we have on board!


Our plans are very ambitious and we put in place concrete actions to achieve them. Last year proved again that the most important asset we have is people, ITDS colleagues. We want to thank you all! For your work, for all your suggestions, for your efforts. We’re growing fast? May 2022 be even better!