Acquiring the right IT specialists within the same country may be problematic for many companies due to staff shortages on the market or due to high rates exceeding the company’s budget allocated to a given project. In such situations employers opt for nearshoring, i.e., outsourcing IT engineers from countries with geographic proximity, for example neighbouring states.

The impact of remote work on the market has been significant. Home office has significantly helped popularise the idea of multinational teams. As everyday attendance at the office is less frequently a requirement, companies are increasingly willing to turn for support to employees from other countries. Maintaining internal IT structures, for example a dedicated department, often generates huge costs. That makes this form of IT outsourcing more profitable for companies. It is a good solution as most IT specialists, regardless of their country of origin, can communicate in English, and knowledge on specific tools and programmes is universal. In the case of Nearshoring – outsourcing from countries located on the same continent, the common time zone and relatively minor cultural differences facilitate a smooth cooperation, which translates into successful projects. Employers have access to the biggest IT talents, whose skills and experience can be key importance.

Poland is one of the more popular nearshoring countries. Countries such as Germany, Great Britain, France, or the Nordics use the knowledge and abilities of Polish IT experts. Due to its favourable geographical location in the heart of Europe, common time zone with many other UE countries (GMT + 01:00), highly qualified specialists and developed technological infrastructure, Poland arouses the interest of numerous investors. Additionally, Poland has strict data confidentiality regulations in place, which ensures the security of information disclosed by clients. Well-known brands such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft have opened their branches in Poland.

ITDS provides nearshoring, as well as offshoring services, which consist in outsourcing specialists from the most remote parts of the world. It is a perfect opportunity for those interested in working on foreign projects to enrich their portfolio with experience in the international environment, and on the other hand, it is a chance for clients to benefit from the support of the best IT engineers and simultaneously to keep a balanced budget. We have nearshoring experience gained by working with numerous brands from, among others from the finance or pharmaceutical sectors. Thanks to our work, teams of qualified specialists have implemented projects on a global scale.