Outsourcing of IT engineers

Recruitment of qualified IT engineers can be challenging both for large companies with an established market position and for small or medium-sized businesses which wish to maintain their competitive advantage.

Therefore, in many cases it is crucial to have the support of an external outsourcing company which specialises in finding and hiring IT engineers. Entrusting recruitment to outsourcing companies allows organisations to acquire the best IT talents in a short period of time, helps reduce costs and offers many other tangible benefits.

ITDS is a leader on the IT market, and it has been present in Poland since 2016. It concentrates on supporting clients in IT project delivery by outsourcing IT engineers and helps in the scope of product development and software integration.

By using ITDS’ experience in the recruitment of qualified specialists, you not only save time and money, but also can count on professional support for your projects. Check out our offer!

ITDS – services of the highest quality

ITDS is the leader in outsourcing IT engineers and provides its clients with access to qualified specialists and comprehensive support in the scope of professional project management, product development and software integration. Our support in these areas will allow you to quickly reach your business goals.

ITDS has years of experience in acquiring talents from the IT market: such as programmers of leading technologies, business and system analysts, DevOps specialists, cloud engineers, cybersecurity experts, project managers, Scrum Masters and IT architects. We recruit Polish specialists as well as programmers from various EU and non-EU countries who consider relocation to Poland or Portugal, where our second ITDS office is located.

Outsourcing of IT engineers and why you should you consider it

External IT services and outsourcing recruitment of specialists often guarantee saving time and lowering costs, hence their growing popularity. A project managed by external consultants is often times definitely more cost-effective than creating an extensive IT infrastructure from the ground and then maintaining it.

Building IT teams comes with the necessity of finding, recruiting, and keeping qualified employees, as well as onboarding them and providing them with access to IT equipment and software, not to mention tracking their work time and quality of their work. At ITDS, we do everything in our power to make sure that the IT service provided by our specialists meets all of the client’s requirements and project purposes.

ITDS provides easy access to the best specialists in the industry, starting from their sourcing and the entire recruitment process, all the way through to onboarding and smooth introduction to the client’s project, all while ensuring the highest quality of the provided services.

If recruiting and keeping experienced specialists poses a challenge to your company, let us take care of it for you! Our team specialises in acquiring the best and most desired employees on the IT talent market. We will help you find real experts in their fields who specialise both in the new and well-established technologies.

The biggest advantages of choosing ITDS as your IT outsourcing provider

We guarantee the vast experience of our team, an individual approach to the client’s demands and their project purposes as well as comprehensive support. Outsourcing of IT Engineers offered by ITDS means first and foremost:

  • No need to create and maintain an extensive IT infrastructure,
  • Saving time and efforts,
  • Reducing costs related to acquiring and keeping specialists,
  • Continuity of work and flexibility (ad-hoc access to specialists when needed),
  • Lowering the employee turnover ratio,
  • Higher chances of project success,
  • Access to the latest solutions and support in the area of well-established technologies,
  • Local outsourcing (no language barrier, time differences, etc.).

Outsourcing of IT engineers – alternative to internal recruitment

Success of every project in the IT area depends largely on the team’s skills and experience. However, entrepreneurs are experiencing more and more problems with finding the right candidates for the required positions. ITDS support in the scope of outsourcing of IT engineers is a response to challenges such as:

  • Recruitment of candidates with the right experience and the required competencies,
  • Candidates opting out of the recruitment process before it is even over or from working on a given project,
  • Adjusting the candidates’ financial expectations to the capabilities of the given client and their project requirements.

As a company specialising in the outsourcing of IT engineers, we swiftly provide verified employees who are qualified to the given technological and budget assumption of a given project.

Easy access to qualified candidates

The challenges in IT recruitment are caused mainly by the large demand for employees and their insufficient availability. To stay in the game for the leader position in the tech race, companies need to respond to the growing expectations of their clients which cause a dynamic increase of system requirements.

Even though the IT industry is popular among many young people who choose education allowing them to work in this sector, the demand for qualified IT specialists is still greater than the supply.

The value of experienced employees with the right competencies has increased significantly. Education in the IT field is a long, difficult, and most importantly continuous process, and not all representatives of that industry invest in their development. Because of that, the most talented and experienced candidates have very high requirements – not only in terms of remuneration, but also employment conditions, work mode etc. As a result, people not fitting a given profile answer to adverts, and those who would be perfect for it are not interested, because the offer is not appealing enough.

ITDS provides access to an extensive base of qualified IT engineers who have the required competencies and years of experience that are appropriately verified by us. Outsourcing the recruitment of IT employees is a great solution which allows you to find the needed specialist or build/develop a team for, among others, creating a product or an application, or developing IT systems and platforms way quicker.

Comprehensive recruitment processes using IT outsourcing

The specialists acquired by ITDS are employed directly by us, but they work on our client’s projects and provide them with the required services. That way we conduct the process of searching for and recruiting candidates for them, and take care of the hiring and onboarding of new specialists.

As part of the outsourcing of IT recruitment, we approach the entire process comprehensively, meaning that thanks to us you can expect minimum responsibilities and maximum benefits.

Increasing competition of IT services in relation to foreign companies

Development of the newest technologies has contributed to the growing popularity of remote work, independently of state boarders. Currently, we are witnessing globalisation of the IT market. Greater competition also makes finding the right specialists harder.

Foreign employers frequently offer terms that are hard to match for many companies on the Polish market – high salaries, numerous benefits, appealing career opportunities, the right to a high pension, etc. Competing with German employers, for example, is a huge challenge.

Thanks to its many years of experience, ITDS can effectively help with that. Our team of recruiters can quickly find the right candidates and convince them to accept the offer. The proposed outsourcing model is a formula for success, as it increases competitiveness not only on the Polish market, but also on the international market.

Why is IT outsourcing with ITDS worth choosing?

Looking for candidates on your own always involve risks – it might not bring the expected results or prove to be too time-consuming. Outsourcing of IT engineers provides companies with many benefits and increases the chances of success of initiated projects and initiatives related to big investments in the widely understood IT development.

Out team’s high success rate results from its in-depth knowledge of the IT industry, which, combined with knowledge in the HR area and years of experience in working with demanding clients, allows us to achieve excellent results.

As a professional outsourcing company, ITDS makes sure that all expectations of its clients are met. We provide them with candidates that are exactly what they are looking for. Thanks to that, they can fully focus on what is important. We understand the needs of both IT engineers and companies looking for them, and we can match them perfectly. We pay attention to good communication and the best possible cooperation between the two parties.

Trust us and we will help your company become more competitive and get to a higher level! Our main priority is for the team of specialists and its professional service to help implement even the most demanding projects – including those involving numerous stages, technologies, and solutions.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We would love to explain anything and give you some tips on how you can develop your company with our help. Invest in outsourcing of IT engineers – entrust us with the recruitment of specialists to successfully finalise your project.