Software Integration

In the digitalised world, companies use various IT systems, applications and programmes which may be fulfilling their roles very well separately, but only successful integration allows them to reach their full potential. Software integration is key for the correct functioning of information flows, especially in large enterprises. It lowers the maintenance costs, and even though it requires a larger amount of work at one point, from the economical point of view it is more cost-effective, as its result makes day-to-day work and business process flow more smoothly. How to skilfully integrate IT systems? Our qualified IT engineers come to the rescue.

What is software integration?

Software integration, depending on the specific needs and requirements, usually consists of several stages.

First, requirements should be analysed, and the integration type determined. Specialists examine what modules or software application should be connected and whether there is a need to add further functionalities.

Then, the stage of designing the system architecture begins, during which the requirements concerning performance or safety of data exchange should be kept in mind. The implementation of integration itself consists in designing and implementing a code of the right programme. Before the introduced changes reach the production stage, they need to be tested to make sure that the integrated IT systems have the right mechanism of data exchange. In some situations, applying adjustments might be necessary.

Not all systems are easily unified, therefore the work of well-trained experts is crucial.

Successful integration thanks to ITDS engineers

IT specialist from various IT fields take part in software integration. That is why usually an entire team of employees is needed to conduct such an operation. Among them, the most commonly positions include software architect, programmer, tester, system administrator and project manager.

As integration of a system is usually a one-time operation, companies opt for acquiring external specialists. The recruitment process can often be tedious and therefore this competency is often entrusted to companies who outsource IT engineers on an everyday basis, such as ITDS.

Our base of experts has consultants with experience in working with various tools. Moreover, we are partners with providers of the most renowned software, among others from the finance industry, such as: Murex, Colibra and Temenos. Integration of IT systems conducted by an ITDS-recommended team of specialists is carried out professionally, smoothly and with consideration of details.

The costs of software integration can be influenced by many factors. It hugely depends on whether the flow of data takes place from one system to another (one-way integration), or whether it goes both ways, and on the resources themselves. The scale, level of complexity, amount of data and time for migration are also significant factors to consider. Migration does not need to take place all at the same time, it can also take place in bigger time intervals.

If you are interested in outsourcing IT Engineers to ensure integration and migration at your company, reach out to us!