What will the IT project market look like in Poland in 2024?

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What will the IT project market look like in Poland in 2024?

Author: Maria Janiszewska

Although I am not an expert in technology, as the Director of Sales for IT services, I must stay up-to-date with upcoming trends and market forecasts. Therefore, based on conversations with clients and business partners, I will share insights and tools that facilitate predicting the future in our industry.

If we are wondering about the shape of the IT project market in Poland in 2024, it’s worth starting with observations of current events and industry forecasts. The year 2023 brought many challenges related to budgets and cost optimization for both companies with internal IT departments and technology solution providers. The response included resignations from many projects, even strategic ones, and unexpected staff reductions. Budgets for 2023 were often based on an unstable economic situation, resulting in slower growth in the industry.

A Breath of Optimism?

Will the upcoming months bring changes? According to Gartner’s October 2023 report, a global growth of 8.6% in IT investments is forecasted, which is an optimistic signal for the industry’s future. It’s worth looking at data from previous years for context: a growth of 12.8% in 2021, a growth of 4.2% in 2022, and a projected growth of around 7.9% in 2023. Despite difficulties in 2023, industry representatives express confidence that 2024 will bring increased demand for IT projects, with planned activity as early as the first quarter.


Market under the sign of New Trends

The IT industry requires its observers to stay current with its trends. To a large extent, the popularity of various tools can determine the direction the market will take. It’s such a dynamic sector that every year, we can expect entirely new and interesting solutions. Personally, I am always most drawn to content presented through various forms of graphics and interactivity, such as radars.

To keep track of current trends, it’s worth checking out:

Therefore, according to the latest news, what trends should we pay attention to with the arrival of the new year?

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Certainly, one of the leading trends in IT worth examining is the Metaverse, which should interest medium and large enterprises looking for ways to automate processes. This refers to a virtual platform that allows traditional meetings, training, or conferences to be moved online. In a business context, this could mean enabling employees to perform duties from various locations in virtual offices or project environments. Examples of the Metaverse include VR technology, virtual commerce, or 3D social platforms.


Recently, everyone is talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence). Thanks to it, many professions, such as handling and assembly on production lines or telemarketing, can gradually be fully automated. AI also allows for generating code in a chosen programming language, reshaping the job market in IT. Of course, while these changes may be dynamic, they are expected to occur gradually, and 2024 will still provide employment opportunities for many specialists whose responsibilities cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence.


Another interesting trend is the Internet of Things (IoT), involving connecting various devices and objects to the Internet to enable communication and data exchange. IoT works by placing special sensors in devices that collect information, which is then transmitted to central systems where it is analyzed and used for decision-making. I still see a growing interest in outsourcing IT engineers, which, in addition to long-standing benefits such as access to a large pool of experienced and talented candidates or transferring responsibility for the recruitment process, helps companies reduce employee maintenance costs, which can be extremely important in the current economic situation. Conclusions from discussions with clients also indicate the dominance of ESG and Gen AI topics in 2024, alongside constant areas such as cybersecurity, cost optimization, and competition for the best talent. The cloud, although common, is still a significant issue for clients implementing large implementation projects.

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Above all, flexibility

The year 2024 promises intense development in the Polish IT project market, despite setbacks in the previous year. The upcoming period will require flexibility and readiness to adapt to dynamically evolving trends. It’s essential to not only follow statistics and forecasts but also actively participate in dialogues with clients, business partners, and the industry environment. The future of IT in Poland is full of possibilities, and the key to success will be not only technological innovation but also the ability to understand and meet the growing expectations of the market. Let’s look at 2024 with optimism and readiness to shape the future of our industry.