Alfa announces partnership with ITDS

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Alfa announces partnership with ITDS

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Alfa, provider of best-in-class software and services to the worldwide auto and equipment finance industries, has announced a new partnership with ITDS for the delivery of the Alfa Systems software platform.

ITDS specialises in delivering effective solutions in the field of IT engineers outsourcing, software integration and fintech product development for the financial, fintech, eCommerce and healthcare sectors. It combines the experience accumulated with in-depth knowledge of new technologies and business processes to unlock new opportunities. Working together, ITDS and Alfa will enable asset finance providers to implement Alfa’s cloud-native technology platform seamlessly.

Andrew Xydeas, Alfa’s Partner Director, said: “We’re delighted to welcome ITDS into our European partner ecosystem. Alfa is focused on long-term partnerships such as this, and ITDS’s experience and expertise makes for a powerful combined proposition.”

Charles-Alexandre Gamba, CEO at ITDS, said: “We are proud and honoured to start a partnership with Alfa, a great technology leader in the financial industry. Our experienced IT engineers are thrilled to take part in new, exciting projects with Alfa.”

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About Alfa: Alfa has been delivering systems and consultancy services to the global asset and automotive finance industry since 1990. Our best practice methodologies and specialised knowledge of asset finance mean that we deliver the largest system implementations and most complex business change projects. With an excellent delivery history over three decades in the industry, Alfa’s track record is unrivalled.

Alfa Systems, our class-leading technology platform, is at the heart of some of the world’s largest asset finance companies. Key to the business case for each implementation is Alfa Systems’ ability to consolidate multiple client systems on a single platform. Alfa Systems supports both retail and corporate business for auto, equipment, wholesale and dealer finance on a multijurisdictional basis, including leases/loans, originations and servicing. An end-to-end solution with integrated workflow and automated processing using business rules, the opportunities that Alfa Systems presents to asset finance companies are clear and compelling.

With over 30 current clients and 26 countries served, Alfa has offices all over Europe, Australasia and the Americas. For more information, visit or LinkedIn.


About ITDS: ITDS has been a leader in the Polish IT market since 2016 and is one of the 1,000 fastest-growing companies in Europe, according to the Financial Times.

With offices in Poland, Portugal and the Netherlands, ITDS specialises in the financial, fintech, eCommerce and healthcare sectors and provides its clients with simple and effective solutions in the field of IT engineers outsourcing, software integration and fintech product development. ITDS works with various web and mobile technologies for more than 30+ famous finance brands (top Fortune 500 companies).

For more information, visit or LinkedIn.

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