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We are proud to announce that in the last few days three of our Recruitment Team Leaders – Magdalena Suszek, Mateusz Wajs and Justyna Werecka-Panter were promoted to the position of Recruitment Managers.

What is their work history at ITDS?

Magdalena Suszek

Magdalena did not have it easy when starting at ITDS; she joined us right at the beginning of the pandemic (exactly 2 years and 7 months ago). Although that posed many challenges, she managed them perfectly. Initially, she was as a Senior IT Recruiter, mainly for the Warsaw market. Despite the unpredictable situation on the market, during her first months with us she managed to hire numerous candidates from all around Poland thanks to, among others, remote work that was gaining popularity around that time. After less than a year, she was promoted to Team Leader/Recruitment Team Manager; that required her to manage at first one, and then two IT recruiters, all while actively recruiting candidates herself.

In 2021, Magdalena was named Recruiter of the Year, as she hired the highest number of consultants in the company – 36 people. Thanks to her excellent results, as well as the performance of the team she manages, Magdalena is now being promoted to Recruitment Manager. She is planning to expand the team and make sure it achieves equally high results.

Mateusz Wajs

Mateusz joined ITDS 6 months ago. He gained his approx. 10 years of experience in recruitment of IT and financial experts while working in IT companies and large recruitment agencies. As a Recruitment Manager at ITDS he is currently responsible for managing a two-person team (one Recruiter and one Researcher).

His future plans include developing this team and continued recruiting of the best IT talents on the market.

Justyna Werecka-Panter

Over her previous year at ITDS, Justyna has built a three-person team and found 27 new consultants with a wide range of specialisations for our company.

Justyna is a strong team player who puts great emphasis on the quality of her work. She has great leadership and communication skills. The candidates are certainly impressed by her positive and professional attitude!

Currently Justyna is focused on developing her team and expanding it to a five-person crew, as well as providing ITDS with more world-class IT engineers. And it is just the beginning!

 Magda, Mateusz, Justyna – thank you for all of your work and congratulations on the well-deserved promotions. We truly appreciate your commitment and we wish you further successes!