The corporate client application supervised by the ITDS tester is the most innovative in the industry

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The corporate client application supervised by the ITDS tester is the most innovative in the industry

Author: ITDS

The software tester from ITDS contributed to the success of a mobile application targeted at corporate clients of one of the largest banks in Poland. This product was officially recognized as the most innovative in the financial sector.

In February 2022, our client, with our support, established a team of experts with the most important goal ahead – to create a new, much more user-friendly application for entrepreneurs. It was intended not only to ensure user comfort but also to make the bank a leader in mobile banking.

Our client’s product, designed entirely from scratch, was aimed from the outset at a wide audience – from small businesses to large corporations and government agencies with extensive financial departments. Among its most important features were: the ability to simultaneously manage multiple companies, initiate foreign transfers in all currencies to IBAN accounts in countries outside the European Economic Area, SEPA transfers, implemented biometrics, forex transaction platform, and modern design.

The conducted tests were an extremely important element of building the application because the client attached great importance to ensuring that users were fully satisfied with the functionality even at the pilot stage. The work of our tester paid off because in the first months, the number of logins increased by almost 200 percent, and the feedback was extremely positive. The tests aimed to deliver a product that would simultaneously meet the expectations of an incredibly diverse group. Our specialist quickly began to play the role of the testing area leader for this project, ensuring not only checking front-end functionality but also automation and regression testing.

The application, launched in May 2023 on the AppStore and Google Play stores, is the highest-rated application for businesses in Poland. We are pleased that the precision and experience of our specialists contributed to this success.