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You are sharp. You know instinctively which direction to go. And hesitation is alien to you. You can combine courage with tact and a great sense of humour. It enables you to get everyone onside. Because you want to get something done in an environment that matters. Does this all sound like you? It does? Now we’re curious: are you ready for ITDS?

This is what you'll be doing

We’re looking for people who do things differently

At ITDS you'll be working on projects that will really help major brands in the financial services sector. Projects that have never been carried out before - or not the way that we carry them out anyway. We are right on top of the latest developments and technology, which we deploy to make our solutions even smarter and faster. So take as much space as you need, because your ideas will take ITDS even further.

“I love solving problems for ITDS’ clients“
Ania, Senior Business Manager
“When consultants grow, ITDS grows along with them”
Grzegorz, Manager

The Business Consultancy Traineeship

We’re looking for tomorrow’s innovators

Join the back of the queue at the Big Four? That’s possible. But why not pass everyone in the fast lane? A Business Consultancy Traineeship at ITDS will make you a Business Consultant out of you in just 11 weeks. Afterwards, you’ll do a six-week stint, working for a major financial service provider. If you’re successful you’ll then proceed to the Young Professionals Programme. True, it’ll be tantamount to being thrown in the proverbial deep end, but why not, given that you’ll be guaranteed a job. Actually, make that a great job!

"People have to spend as little time as possible on things that systems can do, systems are there to relieve people."
Michiel, Director Business Development
“I think it’s important that people strive to get the best out of themselves; it’s a mindset that fits well within ITDS."
Martin, Director Consultancy

Training and development

We’re looking for people who always want to be better

If you choose for ITDS, you’ll be choosing to surpass yourself, within your working discipline and beyond it. We offer permanent, relevant training courses and we encourage you to regularly step outside your comfort zone. In return, we expect you to remain up to speed of all developments that are relevant to you, making you a source of inspiration for your colleagues and for your clients. We set the bar high, very high. But you’ll soon realise that you can do more than you might think. And quicker too.

“I love solving difficult IT problems”
Michal, Principal Consultant
“With ITDS it’s the extras that make all the difference”
Bartosz, Business Consultant

We want to hear from you

Want to know more about working for ITDS? You can always call to Aleksandra or Anna.
T +48 22 222 16 70

Or send an email to:

Take a look around, and get to know us

Of course we work hard, we work very hard. But it’s always with pleasure. Because we take our work very seriously, and, when necessary, we take one another with a pinch of salt. Every Friday we welcome the weekend with drinks at our office in Amsterdam. We learn from one another, we celebrate our successes and, given the opportunity, we’ll try to be the first down during our annual skiing trip too. Because, when push comes to shove, we all want to win.







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