Companies are on the lookout for AI experts. What specific roles are they seeking?

19 03

Companies are on the lookout for AI experts. What specific roles are they seeking?

Author: ITDS

Although the concept of artificial intelligence originated several decades ago, its incredible flourishing has only occurred in the last decade. Today, companies from various sectors leverage the potential of AI, primarily aiming to increase efficiency and automate processes. Who are employers looking for, and how do they find experts in this field?

Time savings, flexible solutions, and proper predictive analysis are crucial issues for most companies, especially larger enterprises with complex structures, aiming to optimize their work. Artificial intelligence is precisely intended to bring them closer to this goal. Or rather – it already does, as the race for the best utilization of AI solutions continues.

A Sea of Opportunities

Although many people associate AI mainly with tools like ChatGPT or various programs for image or video editing, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Artificial intelligence is primarily aimed at assisting in the creation and improvement of business processes, personalizing services, and developing innovative products. Its use is a breakthrough for many sectors of the economy.

For example, AI can be an excellent facilitator in the finance sector. The use of ML algorithms is helpful in assessing credit risk based on customers’ financial data. It also assists in AML (Anti-Money Laundering – a set of legal regulations preventing financial misconduct). Its support in predicting market situations is invaluable as well – using forecasting algorithms to analyze market trends and make investment decisions will facilitate many processes and accelerate the time of potential reactions.

In the manufacturing and logistics sector, AI primarily focuses on optimizing the supply chain and applying data analysis and ML algorithms to predict machine failure. In sales and marketing, artificial intelligence helps with advertising personalization and customer service automation. Examples could be multiplied. Practically in every sector, AI, although still requiring human control and multiple tests, contributes to the digital revolution.

Supporting These Specialists Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

To implement artificial intelligence solutions, experienced analysts and IT engineers are needed, who not only possess the required qualifications but are also up-to-date with dynamically changing standards. What positions are we talking about? These are primarily specialists from the following areas:

Data Analysis – a crucial element in the development of AI projects, as it enables understanding data, identifying patterns, and trends. This type of analysis is essential for understanding the problem that the artificial intelligence model is supposed to address.

Data Engineering – provides the data structure necessary for AI-based systems.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) – deals with processing and analyzing natural language, which is crucial for AI systems that need to understand and generate human language. NLP applications include machine translation, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, and many other areas.

ML (Machine Learning) – a field in which models are trained based on data to make decisions, forecast outcomes, or identify patterns. ML is one of the key elements in building intelligent systems that can adapt and improve based on experience.

Deep Learning – a specialization in the field of ML that focuses on using deep neural networks to solve complex problems. It is particularly effective in areas such as image recognition, natural language processing, and computer games.

The Recruitment Process is a Challenge

Finding AI specialists can be challenging, especially due to the growing interest and competition in this field. The pool of talented employees is often limited as well.

Since we are talking about a relatively new area of technology, which is also dynamically changing, it is difficult to recruit people with the right experience for the project. Those who possess it are quickly snapped up – not only by Polish employers but also by international ones.

Therefore, more and more companies decide to entrust this competence to external entities, i.e., companies specializing in IT engineer outsourcing – such as ITDS. By doing so, they relieve themselves of the responsibility of finding the right experts.

AI is an incredibly promising yet demanding area. Many of our clients want to take advantage of the possibilities of artificial intelligence, but they don’t fully know how, and most importantly, by whose hands. That’s why we gladly support them in this. The interest is truly enormous. – says Charles Gamba, CEO of ITDS Poland, a leader in the IT engineer outsourcing market, which has been providing experts specializing in this field for years.

Recruiting AI specialists is not just about the theoretical part – getting to know their experience and education, but also about the practical part, verifying their actual skills. Many companies, especially international corporations, are looking for experts in this field literally right away, so recruiters must reconcile a thorough and multi-stage recruitment process with a short deadline. There is a high demand for positions such as AI Specialists, ML Engineers, or Data Scientists.

In recent months, many of our clients have started turning to us for help in implementing AI solutions. We continue to enrich our portfolio in this area. We have experience in recruiting specialists with expertise in building machine learning and artificial intelligence-based solutions from a really wide range of data sources. An interesting example was cooperation with a client – a global pharmaceutical leader specializing in delivering innovations for agriculture. ML solutions and data analysis from irrigation tools helped minimize CO2 emissions and optimize the seeding process. The field of maneuver is therefore broad. – Charles Gamba adds.

It is estimated that artificial intelligence will continue to develop dynamically, bringing increasingly advanced solutions. According to forecasts, machine learning algorithms will become increasingly advanced, enabling them to deal with more complex problems and make more complicated decisions. With the growing importance of AI, the demand for specialists in this field will continue to grow. This applies to both technical experts and specialists in data management, AI ethics, model interpretability, and AI integration with various aspects of life. Moreover, it is extremely important to educate new generations of specialists with the right skills and competencies to meet the growing demand for qualified workforce.