What role does a Software Developer play, and why is it crucial in dynamically evolving business environments?

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What role does a Software Developer play, and why is it crucial in dynamically evolving business environments?

Author: Andrzej Kicinger

Andrzej Kicinger – an IT expert with many years of experience in creating and implementing information systems for major corporations and financial institutions. Currently involved in corporate banking projects for BNP Paribas.

Every day we use various applications and systems. We wake up looking at our smartwatch. Special online tools arrange our menu for the whole day. On the way to the office, we use recommendations for the best route, at work advanced systems help us achieve business goals, and after work… – each of us could list many more applications. There are countless of them. Some perform very similar functions, while others are extremely different. Some meet our expectations more, others less, but they all have one thing in common: creating and operating them requires information technology and professionals who know it – Software Developers.

Who is a Software Developer and what do they do on a daily basis?

A Software Developer is a specialist who can use information technology to create and develop applications or information systems. Put simply: it’s someone who writes computer programs.

The main task of an IT engineer in this role is to implement new application functionalities and fixes in response to user reports. Before starting work, Software Developers familiarize themselves with business requirements, aided by cooperation with Business Analysts.

Once the requirements are clearly defined and unambiguous, the next important step is to choose the right approach to implementing functionalities, which certainly benefits from the suggestions of the development team. After determining exactly what needs to be implemented and which solutions to use, it’s time for actual programming.

An essential part of programming is writing unit tests, which serve as a kind of quality proof for the implemented code. The final stage of a Software Developer’s work usually involves preparing brief documentation to facilitate further development and maintenance of the application.

From time to time, user reports may require application fixes. In such cases, Software Developers first try to reproduce the situation described in the report, identify its main cause, and then implement a fix to remove the unwanted behavior of the application. Here too, writing unit tests and updating documentation are crucial.

Why do companies need experts in this field?

The role of Software Developers is extremely important for companies because it is they who, by using appropriate information technologies, create applications and systems that enhance the efficiency of these companies’ operations. Their skills allow for continuous improvement and development of existing solutions, as well as a quick response to changing market needs. Moreover, Software Developers play a significant role in ensuring the quality, security, and stability of software, which is crucial for the company’s success in comparison to competitors.

What specializations can be distinguished among Software Developers?

Just as we can communicate with other people in different languages, computer programs are also created in different programming languages. Among them, it’s worth mentioning Java, C#, Python, or JavaScript. Around programming languages, ecosystems of various libraries, frameworks, and best practices emerge, the knowledge of which is crucial for professional application development, maintenance, and growth. And this is essentially where the need for specialization comes from. A Software Developer not only fluently uses a given programming language but also knows how to utilize the ecosystem built around it. In the case of large ecosystems, Software Developers have no choice – they must choose their specialization.

What qualities should a good Software Developer have?

Above all, a Software Developer should enjoy solving algorithmic and mathematical problems. Finding not just any, but the best solutions should give them great satisfaction. Attention to detail is also a crucial trait. Getting to know and learning new solutions, frameworks, or technologies should be in their DNA.

Another important quality is the ability to work in a team, expressed particularly in communication skills and openness to others’ opinions in search of the best solutions.

What is the biggest challenge awaiting Software Developers in the near future?

I think the challenge, which is also a great opportunity, is the use of artificial intelligence in the software development process. AI can already significantly increase the productivity of code writing or handling user reports, and undoubtedly, over time, it will become increasingly important in this field. The work of Software Developers will evolve towards more creative tasks, which is of course good news – these types of tasks provide the most satisfaction.

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