Have you seen our new website?

06 04

Have you seen our new website?

group-767 Author: ITDS

Have you seen it?

We’ve been wondering how many of you have noticed that our company has a new website. Although it might seem like creating it was nice and easy, in fact it turned out to be a bit of a challenge. Why is that? Because we are not an ordinary company!

1pg for wide audience

First of all our new website is part of our digital marketing strategy. Our goal is to better explain to people what ITDS does and offers to the market. More clear, simple, easy to interact – every feature and concept we launched is in line with our idea of #SHORTCUT. That’s also why now, right after visiting our website, people are directly asked what they are looking for. Thanks to this solution, people looking for specific information on our website don’t need to waste time on searching, scrolling and clicking to find what they need.

Pioneering job board innovation –  job shopp_exprnc

If you ever looked for a job on the Internet, you probably visited several websites with job offers. Opening many tabs in a browser one by one is very annoying, isn’t it? That is why we created a shopping experience – when you select a bunch of jobs you want to apply for, all you have to do is send a single application form (just like when shopping online!). We believe we are the first ones who introduced such a solution.

Better UX for corporate clients

The new website is more user-friendly for corporate clients too. Now, after they choose the section dedicated to them, an easy questionnaire is displayed. It includes a few questions which help us to provide the best solution for a given client’s project. When visiting the website, a client can always find an easy way to contact us.

Let’s meet

It was very important for us to underline human presence on our website. That’s why visitors can see photos of our team. Knowing who you will be working with is fundamental when it comes to building trust. We want to show that the success of ITDS is built by its talented team members.

We are planning already a phase 2

We already have a set of new requirements we are looking to implement in the next weeks. If you have any comments or new ideas in reference to the functionality, give us your feedback to improve our website!