How to Protect Your Company from Cyber Attacks? The Race Between Hackers and Cybersecurity Specialists

22 03

How to Protect Your Company from Cyber Attacks? The Race Between Hackers and Cybersecurity Specialists

Author: ITDS

In today’s world, the data of practically every business is stored in numerous systems or in the cloud. This means greater convenience and many facilitations, but also… vulnerability to cyber attacks. Can they be protected against with the help of Polish IT specialists?

As new data security barriers emerge, so do ways to bypass them. As Noventiq Polska calculates, on average, every 9 minutes in Poland, a company falls victim to a cyber attack. Although cyber attacks are unfortunately becoming increasingly common, this does not mean that companies lack the appropriate tools to prevent them.

Steps Every Company Should Take

The first important aspect in protecting against cyber attacks is awareness of the threats. Cybercriminal methods are constantly evolving, adapting to the latest technologies and defense strategies. Therefore, continuous training of personnel in cyber security and monitoring of the latest trends and threats is crucial.

The second key element is implementing a comprehensive security system. This includes, among other things, regular software and operating system updates, and implementing multi-level access authorizations.

Another important aspect is monitoring and detecting abnormalities. Companies should invest in network and system monitoring tools that allow for quick detection of unwanted activities and intrusion attempts. The sooner a threat is detected, the easier it will be to react and minimize damage. Additionally, ensuring business continuity is essential. Companies should have a developed action plan in case of an attack, which includes incident response procedures, data restoration from backups, and cooperation with relevant law enforcement agencies.

Help Comes from the Outside

The most important aspect of enterprise data protection is cooperation with experienced cybersecurity specialists. Companies can utilize the services of external providers specializing in security audits, penetration testing, and information security management services.

As indicated by the Institute of Cyber Security Foundation, as much as 85% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. This means that assistance from absolute professionals — experienced and properly educated — is essential to minimize risk.

Since many employers opt out of having internal security departments, the popularity of firms providing IT engineers outsourcing services is growing. The right experts in this field can provide a range of modern and effective security measures. Often, support from specialists in areas such as IAM (Identity and Access Management), SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response), Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, and Penetration Testing proves crucial.

Among our clients, to whom we provide cybersecurity specialist outsourcing services, are major banks, insurers, and e-commerce companies. Often, these are also international companies that know that Poland, due to its laws, is exceptionally strict when it comes to data security. Additionally, it has fantastic experts who have extensive knowledge on how to protect it. Consumer trust is an absolute priority for the companies we work with; data must be meticulously protected. This is an area where there is no room for cutting corners or turning a blind eye, emphasises Charles Gamba, CEO of ITDS Polska, a leader in the IT engineers outsourcing market.

ITDS specialists have years of experience in acquiring and recruiting experts in cybersecurity. They have provided support, for example, to one of the leading European banks in creating a Cybersecurity Department. For another client, a global leader in investment banking, the company assembled a Data Loss Prevention team with global reach, securing the entire spectrum of data.

This is a huge responsibility because cyber attacks do not cease, and companies, especially as enormous as the so-called Trusted Institutions, rely on top-tier services. Data breaches result in huge financial, legal, and reputational losses, which is why our experts do absolutely everything to improve the security systems of our clients, adds Charles Gamba.

The fight against cyber attacks is an ongoing arms race in which awareness, appropriate technical measures, and cooperation with experienced specialists play a crucial role. Only by combining these elements can companies effectively protect themselves against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.