IT Staffing – What It Entails and What Are Its Benefits?

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IT Staffing – What It Entails and What Are Its Benefits?

Author: ITDS

The IT industry is constantly evolving. In recent years, the so-called IT staffing has gained significant popularity. This involves recruiting candidates with specialized knowledge and skills for various IT projects, both short-term and long-term. What benefits does IT staffing offer to companies that choose this approach?

What is IT Staffing?

IT staffing is the process of finding and hiring specialists with specific experience and competencies to execute tasks and projects for a company.

IT staffing typically involves collaboration with an external outsourcing firm but can also be conducted internally by the HR team.

Recruiting in IT can be challenging due to the complexity of the industry and the intense competition for the most experienced specialists. Poland ranks among the top three most competitive markets for the IT industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

Employment Statistics and Forecasts for the IT Industry

Employment statistics in the IT sector continue an upward trend observed over recent years. Despite global economic challenges, the IT sector remains one of the most resilient, with a forecast of continued job growth.

Job Growth

Projections suggest that the number of jobs in information technology will grow at a rate surpassing the average for other sectors, potentially creating hundreds of thousands of new positions globally each year. The predicted net employment growth in the IT sector for the first quarter of 2024 is +18%, slightly higher than the previous quarter of 2023 (+16%) and significantly higher than the first quarter of 2023 (+3%). The total number of people employed in the tech sector has exceeded 9.1 million.

High Salaries

Median salaries in the IT industry remain significantly higher compared to many other sectors, reflecting the high demand for specialized experience and skills. For specific roles in IT, such as Cloud Solutions Architects, salaries can average $157,978, with potential growth up to $200,000 per year. Cloud Security Engineers earn an average of $122,153 to $180,000 annually. Machine Learning Engineers earn an average of $161,766, with top professionals potentially earning up to $459,000 per year.

Variable Demand

The demand for specific IT skills can quickly evolve with technological advancements. For example, the growing popularity of blockchain technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), or quantum computing can shape future demand for specialists. Research shows that despite significant layoffs in 2023, the tech sector still demonstrates a demand for IT talents, with nearly 79% of those laid off finding new jobs within three months.

The Top 3 Benefits of IT Staffing

One of the main advantages of IT staffing is access to a wide pool of talent, including specialists in narrow IT fields. Extensive networks of contacts and comprehensive databases of IT professionals can more easily meet the individual needs of clients looking for IT specialists. Here are some of the benefits:

Access to Niche IT Specialists

External firms specializing in outsourcing and recruitment often have extensive networks and databases of candidates with various specializations in information technology. This enables companies to tap into a global talent pool rather than relying solely on the local job market. IT staffing facilitates quicker and more effective recruitment of highly qualified specialists who can deliver innovative solutions and enhance the technological capabilities of organizations.

Ability to Utilize Remote Employment Strategies

IT staffing, through remote employment strategies, allows companies to flexibly adjust their teams of experts to changing project needs. It also enables access to a diverse range of programming talents and skills that may be hard to find locally.

Meeting Specific IT Needs

When a company has specific technology, programming language, or operational requirements, IT staffing allows for quick adaptation of the team to these needs. External firms specializing in IT staffing have access to a wide range of experts with diverse specializations, allowing for the matching of suitable programmers to specific projects.

Additionally, IT staffing enables flexible scaling of the team as needed, which is particularly beneficial for projects with variable workloads.

Finally, IT staffing provides access to the global talent market, allowing companies to recruit programmers with varied experiences. This can bring new, innovative approaches to problem-solving and enrich the team’s creativity and dynamics.

Accelerating the Recruitment Process and Reducing Onboarding Costs

Recruitment in the IT sector often takes several weeks or even months. IT staffing can shorten both the time and costs involved, as companies specializing in such recruitments have extensive pools of tech candidates and deep market knowledge.

Moreover, self-recruiting and hiring employees on a full-time basis is not always optimal. According to Glassdoor, the cost of hiring a new employee is approximately 7 months of their salary. IT staffing connects you with highly qualified and experienced specialists suitable for your project requirements.


IT staffing is the process of finding and hiring IT specialists to execute specific tasks or projects for a company. It can involve long-term employment of specialists or short-term collaboration for a specified period.

Remember that the effectiveness of your team directly impacts the results it can achieve. Therefore, it is important to hire employees with the right skills, knowledge, and effective communication. If you are looking for a company to support you in these processes, consider the services of ITDS.