ITDS Poland celebrating Earth Day!

21 04

ITDS Poland celebrating Earth Day!

logo-kwadrat-2-2-2 Author: ITDS

As a company operating within the IT sector, we are aware of the significant impact that new technologies have on the environment. Accordingly, we believe it is our duty to take proactive steps toward implementing eco-friendly practices. Our planet demands our ongoing attention and care throughout the year but global events such as Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd, serve as valuable opportunities to heighten environmental awareness. We are always pleased to participate in such occasions and acknowledge the significance of such special days.

In our Warsaw office, we have taken several initiatives in keeping with the spirit of this day. To support environmental conservation efforts on a grander scale, we decided to aid the Las Na Zawsze foundation, contributing towards the planting of new trees across Poland.

Additionally, our employees were provided with a specially curated list of environmentally friendly activities that they could undertake and implement immediately.

And as we recognize the critical role played by bees, we have distributed flower seeds to our employees, which can be planted in their gardens or pots, providing a food source for these valuable insects.

We take immense pride in our team’s unwavering commitment towards environmental protection and contributing to the green revolution. We encourage everyone to follow this path as well!