IT Engineers outsourcing – the solution to recruitment challenges

07 04

IT Engineers outsourcing – the solution to recruitment challenges

group-767-2 Author: Anna Szczerbak, ITDS Polska

Successful implementation of IT projects depends on numerous factors. However, one of its integral elements is a professional and experienced team that will efficiently create and maintain systems, applications and platforms, while at the same time ensuring their constant development. Acquiring new employees for IT departments and satisfying recruitment needs poses a significant challenge for many businesses and institutions though.

Recruitment of qualified IT Engineers can sometimes be problematic for both large companies with an established market position and for small or medium-sized businesses which wish to maintain their competitive advantage. That is why more and more businesses opt for outsourcing to external companies with professional background and experience in finding the best candidates on the job market.

The most convincing advantages

Outsourcing of IT specialists appeared on the market naturally, as an answer to an unmet need – not every business has the right resources at their disposal (such as time, financial means, qualified recruiters). Therefore, outsourcing companies simply filled a niche by providing clients with needed support in recruiting the best IT talents on the market.

Of course, one of the indisputable advantages of outsourcing is reduction in costs related to finding and maintaining IT employees. IT Engineers outsourcing allows for optimising expenditure and amortising costs, thanks to the fact that they can be classified as investment expenditure. What is more, this model guarantees the possibility of flexibly increasing the number of employees depending on the project needs and at the same time engaging the internal resources in the implementation of other priorities. Specialists are usually employed for the duration of a specific project, which additionally helps avoid the need to develop an extensive IT infrastructure. Companies which use outsourcing services also have access to cutting-edge solutions and receive support in managing older technologies practically instantly, and the recruitment process is significantly quicker and more effective, as it is carried out by experienced recruiters using a considerable database of available specialists. This ensures continuity of work and adjusting to the requirements of a given project with ease, which in turn translates into greater effectiveness.

The local market and beyond

In the past few years, outsourcing of IT Engineers went a step further – companies are hiring not only employees from the same city or country, but practically from any place on Earth. Remote work enabled the development of nearshoring and offshoring, which means acquiring specialists from neighbouring and more remote countries, respectively. As English is the lingua franca of the IT industry, such cooperation can take place as effectively as in the case of the local employee market. Additionally, it often reduces the costs of employment while providing access to the best talents in the industry.

One of the leaders among the outsourcing companies in Poland is ITDS, which has been noting a dynamic growth on the Polish market since 2016. ITDS was recognised on the list of the fastest-growing companies in Europe in the Financial Times ranking three consecutive times – in 2021, 2022, and 2023. ITDS provides its clients with effective solutions in the creation of IT teams, integrating software and IT systems, as well as product development, in accordance with their needs and capacities. The ITDS client portfolio boasts over 30 well-known companies of the financial, fintech, eCommerce and healthcare sectors , including companies from the Fortune 500 list. ITDS employs over 400 IT engineers and it is not slowing down, as it is systematically expanding its workforce.

“Acquiring a large number of IT specialists, as well as key partners and clients, has allowed us to grow dynamically over the last few years. We are very ambitious and are constantly looking for space to grow, which is why we recently opened our Portugal office. This allowed us to establish broader business relations and gave our employees a chance to easily find employment on foreign markets,” says the CEO, Charles-Alexandre Gamba.

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What challenges await the market?

The IT market has become very demanding. The European Committee estimates that the EU market would easily absorb as many as 600 thousand additional programmers, whereas in Poland alone the shortage of staff reaches 50 thousand people; the constant digitalisation of business is fuelling the demand for their services. Additionally, more and more foreign companies, including entities from across the ocean, see Poland as an interesting area for developing their activity in the IT sector. It makes the market even more competitive – finding and retaining employees is becoming more challenging.

“Experts anticipate that the value of the Polish IT market will reach PLN 65 billion in 2026, and the growth rate will amount to 4.8% on a yearly average. Acceleration of the digital transformation of businesses and development of new specialisations and technologies in the area of IT engineering results in the increasingly significant market fragmentation. Effective use of available resources and building a competitive advantage requires a high level of professionalism and many years of experience of companies such as ITDS Poland. The scale of interest in our services is perfectly illustrated by the number of queries and the multitude of projects that ITDS specialists are engaged in,” says Anna Szczerbak, Executive Director at ITDS Poland.

It looks like the popularity of outsourcing of IT Engineers has not yet reached its peak. Due to the employee’s dominant position on the market and the demand for the services provided by employees being higher than the supply, companies looking for assistance in projects will be even more prone to turn for support in recruitment processes. Offshoring might become an everyday reality, therefore acquiring specialists from remote parts of the world will no longer be uncommon. At the same time, the current situation constitutes a challenge for outsourcing companies – requirements of IT Engineers are growing, and their rates become more competitive. From the client’s perspective, it is worth establishing cooperation with an experienced entity which has an established position on the market but is still dynamically growing. Such companies are able to recruit employees for project teams more quickly and effectively despite the growing demands of the current market trends.