ITDS supports one of the world’s largest banks in the development of the IAM

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ITDS supports one of the world’s largest banks in the development of the IAM

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One of the advantages of outsourcing IT engineers with ITDS is the ability to acquire specialists with diverse expertise, often skilled in less common and niche technologies. In our portfolio, we have experience in collaboration and the development of the Identity and Access Management area, and we were able to source, recruit and onboard seven highly qualified IT experts for the project in just two weeks.


Our Client is one of the largest banking and financial institutions, operating globally with headquarters on six continents in over sixty countries, including Poland. During the migration of the project from the United Kingdom, there arose a need to establish a team of technology leaders responsible for designing IAM solutions.

IAM, also interchangeably referred to as IdM (Identity Management), provides the capability for automatic retrieval and management of user data from various integrated external systems. These pieces of information must, of course, be secured to the highest standards. IT specialists involved in the migration process should have a near-perfect understanding of IAM solutions. Although this technology is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year, there is still a shortage of IT engineers specializing in it in the market. Therefore, assembling a team can pose a significant challenge for companies.

ITDS recruiters successfully acquired experts for positions such as IAM Database Technical Lead, IAM Unix Technical Lead, IAM AWS Technical Lead, IAM Microsoft Azure Technical Lead, IAM GCP Technical Lead, IAM Security Network Technical Lead, and IAM Technical Lead General. Candidates for these highly specialized and less common roles successfully completed the recruitment process in less than two weeks.

This is another undeniable advantage of outsourcing IT specialists with ITDS. Despite the significant challenge of assembling a team comprising of experts specialized in niche technologies, our recruiters managed to accomplish the task swiftly, ensuring our Client access to experienced engineers in all major IAM solutions.

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