The practice of acquiring IT specialists for projects in other countries has become so popular that its boundaries have been pushed: nowadays, companies employ workers not only from nearby countries (nearshoring), but also from more remote places located on other continents. From the business perspective, it allows to decrease employment costs and provides a wider selection of qualified specialists.

Offshoring consists in transferring business processes to another, remote country. This is a solution usually chosen by developed countries. Such a practice is particularly popular in, among others, the US, Great Britain, or Japan. The largest companies from these powerful states often employ IT engineers from India, Philippines, Romania, or Poland. Thanks to the possibility of remote work, it is easy for businesses to contact specialists hired for a given project online, and even if it is necessary for them to temporarily relocate, the value of resources saved thanks to outsourcing is still greater that the employees’ travel costs. If you work with a professional outsourcing company, the risk related to misguided personnel decisions is minimal.


At ITDS, we are proud of our impressive offshoring experience. Our IT experts have worked for, among others, giants from the US. Some companies, while deciding to outsource employees from remote countries, are concerned about the potential decrease in quality and point out disadvantages of offshoring, such as different time zones or cultural differences. At each stage of the recruitment process – as well as throughout the cooperation, after an agreement has been concluded – we make sure that our clients can build a project team with the best IT employees with the right experience and fluent command of English. Companies that use offshoring aim not only at lowering of costs, but also often had struggled with staff shortages in their home market. It is a very common practice in Portugal, which as a country with the population of only 10 million often has to use the skills of foreign experts, for example from Brazil.

Why Poland?

In the case of offshoring, it is worth considering the possibilities offered by cooperation within a multinational team. Experience on markets with various demands helps look at projects from different perspectives. As one of the leading countries in the IT sector, Poland offers a very good technological infrastructure and highly qualified specialists. It is particularly valuable in the case of the most demanding commissions.

If you are facing a decision on how to build a team of the best IT engineers, reach out to us!