Product Development

When an idea of introducing a specific product or service on the market is born, its originators start looking for a group of specialists that will lead the project in an efficient, professional and, most importantly, holistic manner. The set of processes that need to happen for the product to finally reach consumers and meet their expectations requires engaging experts from various departments, including obviously IT.

The growing popularity of e-commerce has stirred a revolution in the traditional approach to online shopping. Almost every company, regardless of what products it manufactures or services it provides, needs a user-friendly and well-functioning website, and increasingly more often, also a mobile app meeting several needs of the increasingly demanding users. Therefore, IT engineers have many career opportunities, while companies have a conundrum of how to acquire the best specialists.

ITDS – outsourcing of top-class specialists

Product development usually comes with recruiting several IT specialists. Companies often set very specific requirements for the candidates – specific experience, knowledge of selected tools and software, estimated execution time or soft skills which are necessary for teamwork, such as good communication skills or creativity.

Building a team independently can often be especially difficult for companies due to challenges such as time and budgetary restrictions. That is why most companies decide on IT outsourcing and acquire qualified employees though business partners, such as ITDS.

Our main goal is for the recruitment to be successful for both parties involved – candidates who wish to work on ambitious, developing projects, and companies who are interested in the project’s success.

Satisfaction at each stage of product implementation

ITDS has vast experience in recruiting IT engineers for different positions in line with the clients’ needs. Naturally, companies looking for employees have full control over what the future team will look like. At the end of the day, it is their expectations that the IT employees are to meet. From the perspective of our candidates, it is important to have a clear scope of responsibilities and an offer that fulfils their aspirations.

In the case of product development, it is important for the Client to feel taken care of at each stage of product implementation – from the already mentioned recruitment of IT engineers who will provide support in developing the implementation plan and the final introduction to the market, as well as the help of hired specialists in improving the functioning of existing products (a website, for example) or remodelling them.

Hundreds of satisfied customers

As a company that has been present on the market for six years, we have had the pleasure to cooperate with clients from different industries with various needs. Our consultants have faced many challenges that they were able to successfully meet to efficiently finalise the project.

In the case of product development, we have under our belt, among others, a successful cooperation in development of mobile banking with one of the biggest banks in Poland. The finance industry is an especially demanding area of cooperation, as it puts great emphasis on the security of its users. Banking services in a mobile app must be smooth and requires the right security measures, on top of that – it should be competitive. Thanks to cooperation with ITDS, one of the banking leaders in Poland provides its users with professional online services, and its mobile app is one of the best reviewed in the Google Play Store.

A team of IT engineers not only took care of introducing new functionalities to the mobile banking, but it still makes sure that the app runs smoothly and does not endanger data bases, as well as continues to expand its offer.

Apart from their IT knowledge, ITDS engineers try to look at a project from the business development perspective, which makes them stand out on the market. All solutions aim not only to meet client’ expectations, but also to exceed them.