5 challenges that you can overcome by cooperating with an IT engineers outsourcing company

26 07

5 challenges that you can overcome by cooperating with an IT engineers outsourcing company

group-767 Author: Thibault Querel

In today’s challenging market it’s important for companies to find ways to stand out, to keep growing expertise and revenues while keeping expenses low.

IT outsourcing with it’s accessible know-how about the employment market

The number one advantage of cooperating with IT outsourcing companies is that they can provide rapid services thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the employment market. Nowadays, the processes and steps required for hiring an IT engineer can be extremely time consuming for a rather deceiving result. Creating job offers, conducting interviews, deciding on the best candidates… It can be difficult to find the right talent when our energy is focused on other tasks which are crucial to the everyday business.

Outsourcing your recruitment process allows you to spend more time on your core business and get the best talents coming at you, without having to hunt for them. At ITDS, we have interviewed more than 2000 IT experts in the last 6 months, therefore, from the moment you start cooperating with us, you already open yourself to a broad range of candidates and a massive network of contacts that we have built over the years.

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An IT outsourcing company can help your business solve many challenges, including:

Time – Dedicated Team

Not a surprise there! As mentioned before, cooperating with a company such as ITDS can help you save a drastic amount of time. You will avoid many of the time consuming steps of the recruitment process, such as: waiting for candidates to apply, conducting too many interviews, negotiating salaries… An IT outsourcing company will take care of all of that, and since it’s their focus and forte, they will do it in much shorter time than it would take you.

Quality – Recruitment Expertise

ITDS has been in the IT outsourcing market for multiple years, with offices in 3 different countries and is also a boutique of House of HR, a Pan European Group employing 40k+ people with 3B+ turnover. The recruitment processes we apply are empowered by our experience and vast knowledge of the IT market. By cooperating with us, you would too benefit from this experience. We understand your needs, and we understand the needs of the candidates we recruit. This results in a top quality selection process, where we make sure that both parties are satisfied, providing you with experienced, enthusiastic and quickly available candidates.

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Reach – Increase access to Talent Pool

When it comes to recruiting a peer, it would appear to be easier for any engineer to find the right person for their team, as their experience and knowledge should be similar. But it wouldn’t be the case when they would have to recruit someone who has a field of expertise that they need, but that they’re not masters in. ITDS has vast experience in recruiting all IT profiles, whether it’s Engineers, Business Analysts, QA, Scrum Masters, Project Managers…

Not only we know what theses experts want, we know what to ask you to understand your requirements exactly. This, again, will save you time and efforts.

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Flexibility – Managing Attrition

Working on an IT project has its ups and downs arising during its lifecycle. Out of all industries, the IT sector faces one of the highest attrition rates, which may cause problems with executing projects. If an IT specialist isn’t replaced quickly, it might trigger an overload of work on the rest of the team and lower employee morale, create bottlenecks and ultimately cause revenue loss. Cooperating with IT outsourcing companies can reduce these risks greatly. Firms like ITDS can help you reduce your attrition rate or at least manage it through monitoring and quick backfilling, so that it doesn’t impact your projects and deadlines.

Cost – CAPEX vs OPEX

Whether it’s for creating an in-house platform or software, or to implement and maintain a third party solution, every company has to invest in IT nowadays. And it comes at a cost. When contracting an IT outsourcing company like ITDS, these costs can be incurred as capital expenditures, and therefore, amortized, which can be of great help for companies who’s primary service or product isn’t IT related.

The above are just some examples of the many advantages that cooperating with an IT outsourcing company like ITDS can bring. Our current market is driven by what Charles Gamba, Partner at ITDS Poland, named the “IWIN” generation (I Want It Now). Everyone is looking for a fast and reliable service, and recruiting/finding a job is not an exception. That’s why we are making it our mission to propose to both our clients, and our employees, to take a #shortcut in their projects!

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