Time for IT Engineers outsourcing. Why this model is gaining so many followers?

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Time for IT Engineers outsourcing. Why this model is gaining so many followers?

group-767 Author: Anna Szczerbak, ITDS Polska


What is IT Engineers outsourcing?

There are different cooperation models that companies chose to ensure a successful delivery of their IT projects. One of the most popular and efficient is IT Engineers Outsourcing, where a company can get the most out of leased professionals without incurring unexpected costs. Naturally, as the term expands beyond different countries, it is common that some may be skeptical regarding the functionality, reliability and overall advantages of this cooperation system. However, understanding its fundamental aspects is the best way to overcome any concerns and make the most of team leasing. To define the term more clearly, we could say that it is a service of assigning particular engineers to a team, who perform their tasks for a client organization but are employed by an external company specialized in tech talent recruitment like ITDS Polska. Other terms are often used in our market to describe this type of service, such as team leasing, staff augmentation, IT project staffing. Their core meaning conveys what companies like ITDS Polska do.

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From a more traditional standpoint, outsourcing has been related to hardware, server management, data centers, networks and lines of codes, with extensive man-hours and precise specifications. Cloud computing and IoT technology has rendered the services more complex and more flexible at the same time. The market change related to the various global economic milestones have changed IT management and coordination significantly. Global crises, like the on in 2008, or a pandemic like COVID-19 transform our approach to working remotely and redefine the need for assets within the organization. As these processes take place in parallel, IT Engineers Outsourcing model is amongst the most rapidly growing.

Various specializations within IT engineering are developing causing the market to become increasingly fragmented. A wide variety of options to choose from allow client organizations to be more demanding and drive an increasing rivalry amongst service providers. IT market is largest in the Asian-Pacific area, but globally the IT outsourcing market was valued at USD 526.6 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach USD 682.3 billion by 2027. Many sources inform that Engineers specializing in application development and maintenance have become the most often outsourced. As an example of this the global leader in our market, Accenture, reported an increase in this business area by 15% in 2021 year-to-year. The expansion of ITDS Polska to over 300 consultants in 2022 and a plan to double that in the coming year, shows that the market in Poland is also growing very rapidly.

How it works

Cost optimization is usually quoted as the main significant aspect of companies switching to IT Engineers outsourcing. It is a cost-effective way to add experienced and talented IT professionals to your team. This way, it is possible to significantly cut down on recruitment time, select an Engineer with the perfect skill set and start cooperation under a business model that will effectively get the job done without compromising the budget. Outsourcing of software engineering is a way to achieve faster time-to-market and avoid postponements. This brings into light the reasoning that companies began towards the end of the first decade of the 2000’s. Then came the pursuit to develop an adequate service to enact these needs. Here’s where ITDS Polska comes into play.

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It really works in a multilayered way. The company providing outsourcing services must maintain an efficient monitoring of the engineers and develop stable working relations with the best of them. Simultaneously, the client market must be monitored to see which organizations are in need of individual engineers or engineer teams (to develop a product we call “managed capacity” which we will describe in next blog entries) to implement projects which aim at optimization and better service for their respective clients. Briefly the process is then clear, but the key is to understand the trending technologies, be proficient in their applications and have the right toolkit to develop a stable client base.

The turnover of the market and the amount of emerging companies in this line of business shows that the services are in high demand. Furthermore, practically all sectors of the economy show interest in IT Engineers outsourcing, including the financial sector, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, medical and telecoms. It is exactly for this reason that despite the increasingly more competitive market of a growing number of outsourcing intermediaries none of these players have an axe to grind with each other at this point. Demand is high and so the competition is healthy and motivating.

For engineers this model is extremely positive and profitable. This pertains not only to the good financial standing of practically all IT services, including the engineering and coding areas, but also the potential to be engaged in varying projects. The IT engineers outsourced by companies like ITDS Polska can count on versatile projects in various environments and in assorted business fields. The quality of services is assessed through client feedbacks and periodic skills reassessment, all to ensure that the end client and the Engineer are satisfied. With a perfectly tailored team, a company can count on improving its IT project delivery, product development and integrating solutions. This creates a perfect synergy, where the connection of financial stability and self-development help businesses grow.

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Why do it?

Yes, it is done because it leads to a successful business, profitability and stable returns. Organizations can implement projects without developing and recruiting entire department for the purpose of a single project.

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The best alternative is to seek an outsourcing company like ITDS Polska that has a large network of professionals, is capable of guaranteeing the quality of service provided and will assist you in finding the best fit for both your project needs and budget. That’s not the entire picture though. 6 years ago, when ITDS Polska was starting on the Polish market it really required a visionary’s outlook to see that IT Engineers outsourcing is a path to business and financial success. We have already helped one of the biggest players in the banking, payment, e-commerce industries, and others to fulfill their recruitment needs in the shortest time. Our professional team not only has expert insider knowledge of the IT industry but also provides all of our clients with a great experience of working together as partners.

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Anna Szczerbak – Executive Director and a Member of Poland Management Team, joined ITDS Polska in 2017 and has acquired and developed business relations with top Clients of ITDS Polska, successfully manages her team of Business Managers and IT Engineers. Loves to discuss about Client’s needs and finds best solutions that are custom made and result in a flexible model of hiring best IT Engineers.