The best banking app on the market was created and developed by a team of ITDS engineers

22 03

The best banking app on the market was created and developed by a team of ITDS engineers

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Nowadays, considering the indisputable dominance of smartphones and online services, mobile banking is an indispensable element of everyone’s lives. For banks, it means lowering operational costs while simultaneously sustaining the client’s satisfaction.

When choosing a bank, users pay close attention to the quality and functionality of the banking apps. We want to shop, pay our utility bills, send, and receive money within seconds, all directly from our mobile devices. Poland is among countries with the most active app users. According to data of the Polish Banks Association, at the end of the second quarter of 2022, there were over 18 million such users. PKO Bank Polski has the highest number of mobile app users – nearly 4.2 million. Our Client is right behind it with nearly 3 million users.

The ITDS team of engineers also makes sure that you are only one tap away from quick and convenient transactions using mobile banking solutions offered by our Client, one of the leaders in the financial industry.

Thanks to developers of mobile technologies, iOS and Android users can access banking services from any place, at any time. Our engineers are developing new functionalities, thanks to which we can replace payment cards with our phones, set our saving goals, manage our cards and accounts. The mobile app also makes it possible to receive bank transfers sent directly to our phone number, pay using your phone, BLIK or QR code. Our client’s strategy for the years 2021-2025 includes all these projects as well as a number of new initiatives implemented by qualified IT experts.

The role of ITDS is to provide the Bank with regular support in obtaining the best talents on the IT market. There are currently over 30 ITDS engineers in the Bank’s structure; they are successfully implementing ambitious plans of providing outstanding mobile and digital banking solutions to both retail and corporate customers.

Our team is also responsible for the application architecture, releases of mobile applications, CI/CD processes at the bank and manages hardware involved in these processes, as well as creates cross-platform applications in modern, yet safe technologies. What is more, it watches over tests so that they reflect the actual status of feature operation. Working as a mobile developer within the structures of our Clients means working closely with advanced technology and modern tools, as well as cooperation with business experts. Our engineers actively participate in workshops to discuss new ideas, the clients’ needs for new features and modern solutions, as well as to verify the possibilities, resources and time needed for their implementation.

The ITDS engineer team highly values the fact that the mobile and digital banking solutions offered by the Bank they work for are constantly evolving. Their aim is to provide users with regular updates making the interface more refined and to expand transaction possibilities. Maintaining the app and ensuring safety of use is equally important. Apart from ensuring strong encryption of payment systems on smartphones, our programmers create and use ultra-secure tools for biometrical verification.

In the rankings of the most highly rated applications, our Client’s application is placed second ex aequo with PKO BP with the 4.8 score in App Store and third in Google Play with a very high rating of 4.7/5.

The 2023 TOP 3:


/App name

Rating in Google Play Rating in App Store


4.8 4.8
ING Bank Śląski

Moje ING mobile

4.8 4.9

ITDS Client

4.7 4.8


Fast-progressing digitalisation of life in the face of lockdown conditions exceeded the interest in solutions and digital banking apps across Europe. Poland has also quickly adjusted to pandemic-related restrictions. That was when ITDS Clients operating in the financial industry doubled the capital expenditure in the offered remote services to make managing personal finances available to clients in a safe, quick, and convenient way.

ITDS treats providing IT engineer outsourcing services to one of the strongest and fastest growing financial brands in Poland as a huge success and a testament to our teams’ effectiveness and professionalism. We are proud of the fact that ITDS is trusted by the Bank and that our engineers participate in the setting of the direction of mobile and online banking development in Poland.

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