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group-767 Author: ITDS

Who was recently promoted at ITDS? Not one, not two, but four members of our back-office Team are getting to the next step. Congratulations to everyone – you are part of the success of ITDS!


Business Manager -> Senior Business Manager & Head of Ambassador Program

Over the last 2 years working at ITDS, Emilia has successfully built a unit of 25 engineers spread over different projects & clients such as Pekao SA, Credit Suisse, mBank, or VIVUS.

Emilia is a team player, a multitasker and a hard working individual. She is a top performer hungry for success and not afraid of challenges.

Emilia will now focus on growing her unit up to 50 engineers, hiring an associate & strengthening the current presence of ITDS on her accounts while providing the best care to our engineers. Moreover, Emilia will be responsible for delivering our newest Ambassador Program which is coming from her initiative! Stay tuned!


Business Manager -> Senior Business Manager & Head of the Associate Academy

Thibault has been in ITDS practically since the beginning of our operations in Poland when he joined us 4 years ago in Warsaw. Thibault has successfully built a unit of 30 engineers spread over different projects & clients such as CITI International, Goldman Sachs,  Mastercard or Allegro.

Over the years, Thibault has developed deep knowledge in new technologies which gives him an edge to provide top quality services as he understands very well the needs of our clients & engineers.

Thibault will be now responsible for growing his unit up to 50 engineers as well as building up and managing our ITDS Associate Academy where we train young Talents to become Business Managers!


Sales Associate -> Junior Business Manager

He is the one taking the #Shortcut. Mikołaj joined ITDS a few months ago as an Associate.  He is growing at a breakneck pace because of his energy, ambition & willingness to get out of his comfort zone and achieve his goals.

Moreover, Mikolaj is a very good listener and quickly absorbs knowledge that ITDS provides him with. He is self-motivated and takes full responsibility for his territory.

Mikołaj will now focus on growing his unit up to 20 engineers & support our key clients such as Bank Millennium, Panek, or Goldman Sachs.


Associate Recruiter -> IT Recruiter

Aleksandra has taken the #shortcut with her career at ITDS and this is well deserved!After a year with us, Aleksandra has managed to develop a good knowledge of the tech industry which gives her the ability and skills to select the right talents for our clients.

Aleksandra is an amazing colleague but also a great partner for our engineers during the recruitment process. She always seeks to make our candidates feel comfortable and looks for the best solutions such as trying to match engineers with the most suitable projects.

Her impressive results and good energy give her the possibility to make the next step with us at ITDS and continue to onboard top talents!