Maria Janiszewska with the Strong Woman in IT title

28 09

Maria Janiszewska with the Strong Woman in IT title

Author: ITDS

With great pride, we would like to congratulate Maria Janiszewska, Sales Director at ITDS Poland, who has been honored with the title Strong Woman in IT by the Network Creations Foundation! We are delighted to have someone with such significant achievements on our team!

In this year’s report “Strong Women in IT 2023 – Global Edition” the creators highlighted 251 women from different countries around the world who share ambition and the ability to tackle challenges. As the report’s authors emphasize: These exceptional women who contribute to international innovations. It highlights the challenges and trends that matter most to them. The ever-changing pace of our lives, automation, digital security, and technology dependence is just a fraction of what not only Strong Women in IT but all of us observe and face in our daily lives.

The Foundation’s goal is to promote greater equality, mutual understanding, and support in the business world, especially in the technology sector.

Maria Janiszewska has over 10 years of experience in the IT sector. Although she has recently joined the ITDS Poland team, she actively contributes to the company’s expansion into new markets.

I am very pleased with initiatives like these that support strong women in our industry. It’s wonderful that there are organizations and programs that help women achieve success and overcome the obstacles they face. However, I dream of a world where everyone, regardless of gender, age, background, or any other factor, has equal opportunities to achieve success. We shouldn’t have to create special initiatives for a select group to create equal conditions. I won’t deny that my path has been challenging and often uphill, although I wouldn’t necessarily attribute it solely to gender. However, I know that many women face similar challenges and need support to achieve their goals. I am delighted that ITDS is an organization that strongly supports all employees, and I can pursue my goals here on equal terms, says Maria.