Mikołaj Pobereszko promoted to Business Manager

18 01

Mikołaj Pobereszko promoted to Business Manager

group-767-2 Author: ITDS

We are happy to announce that Mikołaj Pobereszko has been recently promoted to the position of Business Manager.

Mikołaj joined ITDS in September 2021 as a Sales Associate, and since then has become a valuable member of the Warsaw Business Development team. He has been responsible for working with Millennium Bank and has established a Unit of 20+ Consultants over the past year. His commitment, drive, and appetite for growth have led to impressive business results. In his new role, Mikołaj will continue cooperating with ITDS’ Client portfolio and expanding his Unit.

Mikołaj – we truly appreciate your hard work and wish you many further successes. Congratulations on the well-deserved promotion!